Privacy Policy

How do we use your data?

The cookies we have on our site are primarily for Google Analytic uses. This means when you land on our site we can see where you are and what pages you visit. Those are the only cookies that we're aware of that we currently have. We're certain we do not have ads on our site but in the case that we do, the ads are tailored to you based on your activity. Personally wouldn't worry about that one since we never have seen ads on our site. You also can reject cookies and it won't ruin your browsing experience. No hard feelings if you decide to do this!

Do you sell our information to other companies?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Your privacy is of our utmost concern. The only data that we collect from you is your name and email address. This is with our completely optional sign-up form for our newsletter. If you chose to opt-in to our newsletter, you not only make us happy but you get to be involved in a community! You also will be sent weekly emails telling you what posts you have missed because we want you to visit our site more!