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Investing In Precious Metals with Noble Gold

When it comes to precious metals investment, one name that stands out in the industry is Noble Gold. Founded in 2016, this California-based brokerage embodies an unwavering commitment to purity and quality in its dealings in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars. With a legacy spanning over a decade, Noble Gold, like a steadfast haven, provides robust solutions that help bolster the potency of your retirement savings. Their offerings ensure protection and diversification against unprecedented stock market fluctuations by letting you invest in these precious metals, the value of which is essentially calculated on a per-ounce basis. Moreover, they are revered as the architects of traditional and Roth IRA accounts, greatly simplifying the task of opening and maintaining these accounts.

What Is A Gold IRA?

A Gold IRA, short for Individual Retirement Account, functions akin to a standard IRA (Investment Retirement Account). As an alternative to holding traditional paper assets like stocks and bonds, a Gold IRA fosters physical precious metals like gold, stored in the form of coins and bars. Despite potential disadvantages, such as the high set-up fees and uncertain market values, many consider this gold asset as a hedge against inflation and unstable market situations. Amid the rising uncertainties in today's economic climate, Gold IRAs have developed into sought-after retirement solutions.

Why Invest In A Gold IRA?

Investing in a Gold Individual Retirement Account (IRA) presents an enticing prospect for many investors due to its range of benefits. One advantage that particularly stands out is the ease of establishment and management. Noble's onboarding and transaction processes are notably streamlined, with specialists assisting customers with all the necessary paperwork. Apart from securing your future with a tangible asset like precious metal, a Gold IRA enables you to hedge against social, economic, and global crises, and is renowned for its protection against inflation.

Investors can expect the custodian to help set up the account and complete the required paperwork necessary to establish a smoothly functioning IRA. This type of investment offers the unique opportunity to acquire various forms of precious metals, adding to its overall appeal.

One distinct advantage of a Gold IRA is its hedge against inflation. Oftentimes, gold prices move in the opposite direction of paper assets, incorporating an element of stability to your investment portfolio. Moreover, you can defer your tax payments, or even bypass tax on capital gains altogether. As such, investing in a Gold IRA can be a smart and tax-efficient method to secure your retirement.

Overview of Noble Gold Investments

Noble Gold Investments is a California-based company specializing in precious metals IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts). With over 15 years of experience in the finance industry, Noble Gold has a strong focus on precious metals and offers unique products and transparent fees. The company was established in 2016 by industry expert Collin Plume, who has brought invaluable knowledge and foresight to the company, leading to its notable reputation in the industry.

Noble Gold Was Featured on Forbes, Business Insider, Fox News, Investopedia, AOL, MSN, Yahoo!

Minimum Investment

  • $20,000 (can be lower for certain types of accounts). The modest minimum investment amount may be perfect for those with higher retirement funds but haven't yet invested due to inexperience or hesitation.

Why Do You Need Gold For Retirement?

Gold has historically been a stable and valuable asset. It prevails where the dollar fails. Gold is money and paper is just paper. Our dollars aren't backed by anything. If our economy takes a crash like it did in 2008, all of your paper money becomes significanty less valuable. Whereas if you owned gold, the price of gold will hold. Thus giving you an immediate advantage over those who overlooked gold. 

Info on Noble Gold IRA Accounts:

  • IRA Custodian Partner: Equity Trust
  • Storage Locations: multiple locations. Exclusive Storage storage available. Canada storage also available. 
  • Annual Fees: Admin & maintenance: $100; Storage: $150 for segregated and $100 for non-segregated (commingled). 

Storage type: segregated or commingled both available.

Noble Gold's Offerings and Services

Noble Gold provides a wide array of services to meet the diverse needs of its clients. The company's primary offerings include Gold and Silver IRAs, which enable clients to invest in a variety of IRS-approved precious metals. They also offer secure storage facilities located in Texas, Canada, and Delaware.

Gold and Silver IRAs

Gold and Silver IRAs from Noble Gold offer clients the opportunity to invest in a range of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. These accounts provide a more diverse retirement portfolio and offer a hedge against stock market volatility and inflation.

Noble Gold has distinct fee structures for their gold and silver IRAs, ensuring clients are aware of the costs associated with their investments. Additionally, they also offer platinum and palladium as eligible for their IRAs, further expanding the investment options available to clients.

Storage Options

When investing in precious metals, it's crucial to safeguard your investments. Noble Gold offers secure facilities in Texas, Canada, and Delaware for the storage of their clients' precious metals. They've partnered with International Depository Services to offer cutting-edge storage solutions that protect your assets and give you peace of mind.

Unique Offerings from Noble Gold

What sets Noble Gold apart from its competitors are its unique offerings, including the Royal Survival Packs and graded collectible coins. These products provide clients with additional investment options and showcase the company's expertise in the precious metals market.

Royal Survival Packs

In response to the challenges of an unpredictable economic landscape, Noble Gold Investments introduced the Royal Survival Packs. These are distinguished, specially curated portfolios of diverse gold coins forged to serve as a financial cushion for investors in times of economic uncertainty and crisis. With varying investment levels, Royal Survival Packs are tailored to accommodate the individual preferences and risk thresholds of different investors.

Six distinct levels of Royal Survival Packs are available:

  1. Noble Knight ($10,000 investment)
  2. Noble Baron ($25,000 investment)
  3. Noble Viscount ($50,000 investment)
  4. Noble Earl ($100,000 investment)
  5. Noble Marquess ($250,000 investment)
  6. Noble Duke ($500,000 investment)

Although Noble Gold does not reveal the specifics of the precious metals included in each package, they guarantee a thoughtful selection of diverse and highly valuable gold coins.

Noble Knight

The Noble Knight survival pack is the introductory offering in the line of investment options provided by Noble Gold. This pack requires an investment of $10,000, targeting small investors who are starting in the realm of precious metal investments. This allows for a safe and low-risk entry into the market.

It is important to clarify that the Royal Survival Packs have a distinct purpose of serving as a safety net for those looking to harbor their wealth in times of economic uncertainty or global crisis. These packs consist of various gold coins with different denominations, providing a safe haven for your upcoming retirement years.

However, it must be noted that Noble Gold does not publicly specify what precise precious metals are included in this (or any) package, thus we cannot provide detailed information on the exact contents of the Noble Knight package. This doesn't, however, diminish how Noble Gold survival packs offer a secure choice for investors seeking a reliable hedge against potential future economic downturns.

Noble Baron

Stepping up from entry-level packages, we have the Noble Baron. Requiring a $25,000 investment, the Noble Baron is one of the six different levels of Royal Survival Packs offered by Noble Gold. Although the company is not specific about the precise precious metals included in each package, you can rest assured that your investment is composed of industry-approved precious metals favored by seasoned investors.

Noble Gold's commitment to customer education and white glove concierge service is evident in each of their offerings, including the Noble Baron pack. The Royal Survival Packs, inclusive of the Noble Baron, are designed with the investor in mind – from providing the necessary tools to hedge against potential economic downturns to extending an investment portfolio beyond traditional asset classes.

As part of Noble Gold's holistic approach to investment protection, Royal Survival Packs – including the Noble Baron – offer investors a ready-to-go, tangible asset that can be accessed and utilized whenever the need arises. This investment approach provides yet another way to diversify your financial portfolio, ensuring your wealth is spread across a variety of investment forms, and is not solely reliant on traditional financial markets.

Noble Gold's dedication to service and integrity, paired with their deep-rooted knowledge of precious metals and the market climate, ensures a sustainable and secure investment journey for those entrusting their wealth to the company. As a result, investors can bank on professional assistance and guidance on every step of their investment journey.

It’s time to let your investment work for you. Let Noble Baron be your shield against economic uncertainty, safeguarding your wealth for a stronger and safer future.

Noble Viscount

If we specifically shed light on the Noble Viscount Royal Survival Pack, this pack is ideal for seasoned investors wanting to make a substantial investment in precious metals. With an investment of $50,000, the Noble Viscount provides a hefty collection of gold coins that offer more than just intrinsic value. They are an emblem of crisis-proof investment, fortified against economic upheavals.

Noble Gold, with its proven commitment to customer education and white-glove concierge service, ensures that every investor understands their investment. Speaking to Noble Gold's ethos, CEO Collin Plume underscores, "Our mission is to help clients anticipate the future and have the assurance that their assets are safe and secure."

Plume, alongside co-founder Charles Thorgren, leads Noble Gold based out of Pasadena, California. Both industry veterans, they're well-armed to guide investors through the intricate world of precious metal investments.

The Royal Survival Packs, especially the Noble Viscount, exemplify this commitment - providing a sense of safety and preparedness in the face of uncertainty. So, if you're looking for a robust investment in gold and wish to protect your wealth, the Noble Viscount pack might be an excellent fit for you.

Noble Gold is more than an investment firm - it's a beacon of financial security in an increasingly unpredictable economic landscape. The company recognizes that knowledge is power and aims to educate its clients on making the best investment decisions, time and time again.

With the Royal Survival Packs, particularly the Noble Viscount, your wealth isn't just locked in a vault; it's an active safeguard against financial crises. Invest wisely, invest in assurance, invest in Noble Gold's Royal Survival Packs.

Noble Earl

The Noble Earl Royal Survival Pack, one of the mid-tier packages, entails an investment of $100,000. An ideal choice for those who seek a solid balance between risk and reward, this financial artifact offered by Noble Gold Investments promises substantial benefits and security during uncertain economic climates. The expertise and extensive industry knowledge that Noble Gold brings are wellincorporated into the assembly of Noble Earl, giving investors a safety net for their funds, without constraining their financial flexibility.

As with all Royal Survival Packs, the Noble Earl secures a diversified collection of valuable gold coins that not only preserves the wealth of investors during crisis times but also possesses the potential for substantial appreciation over time. The details of the precious metals included are carefully considered and kept confidential, maintaining an element of exclusive privilege to Noble Gold's investors.

By selecting the Noble Earl, investors confer with the expertise of Noble Gold's industry veterans, led by CEO Collin Plume. The unique wisdom and insights gained from their years of experience in the precious metals market converge in these comprehensive investment solutions, serving as a superior choice for investors seeking reliable gold retirement solutions.

The process of investing in a Noble Earl as part of the Royal Survival Packs is facilitated by the distinctive white-glove concierge service that Noble Gold Investment is known to offer. This approach ensures each investor experiences personalized attention, seamless transactions, and comprehensive customer education on their journey into precious metals investing.

Noble Marquess

The Noble Marquess, valued at $250,000, is the penultimate level within the Royal Survival Packs. This investment tier is intended for substantial investors seeking to add an extra layer of financial security to their portfolios. While Noble Gold doesn't expressly disclose the exact precious metals contained within the Noble Marquess package, its worth is undeniably significant.

As part of the Royal Survival Packs, these are investments designed not just to withstand an economic storm, but to thrive in one. Much like its namesake, a Marquess is a prestigious title given in traditional peerage systems, and the Noble Marquess package similarly confers prestige upon its investors.

The very creation of the Noble Marquess signifies Noble Gold's conviction in providing a variety of investment options, irrespective of the magnitude. It paves the way for potential investors to put their faith in precious metals, providing not only a defense, but also an opportunity for growth.

Noble Gold, headed by industry veterans Collin Plume and Charles Thorngren, is placed in Pasadena, California. With their combined experience and commitment to customer education, it has thrived in the precious metals industry. This company is also known for its white-glove concierge service, ensuring a seamlessand smooth investing journey.

Under the successful leadership of CEO Collin Plume, Noble Gold Investments has been helping clients invest confidently in gold and silver since 2016. Aiming to provide customers with more knowledge about gold investments and other precious metal opportunities, Noble Gold has cemented its place as one of the most trusted names in the industry.

With over a decade of experience in the business, Noble Gold has become an expert in investments for precious metals. Tailored services like the Royal Survival Packs demonstrate the company's commitment to its customers. Whether you're a novice investor just starting out or looking to secure a substantial economic hedge, the Noble Marquess package could be considered as a valuable addition to your financial portfolio.

The Noble Marquess package, in particular, speaks volumes about Noble Gold's dedication to providing its customers with a well-rounded investment strategy, one that considers the fluctuations of the global economy and provides a solid security net for their future.

Noble Duke

The most luxurious of these investment packages is the Noble Duke, designed for substantial investments of $500,000. The Noble Gold company remains tight-lipped on the specific precious metals included in these extensive packages. However, based on their wider offerings - which include gold, silver, platinum, and palladium - investors can expect a diversified portfolio.

Making a significant investment requires careful thought and consideration, particularly when it comes to defending your wealth. One of the innovative solutions in this regard is the set of Royal Survival Packs offered by renowned precious metals investment company, Noble Gold. These packs cater to a broad spectrum of investors, offering six different tiers of investment, among which Noble Duke stands as the highest level reserved for those ready to invest at a scale of $500,000.

A Deep Dive into Noble Gold's Precious Metals

Detailed Examination of the Collection of Coins from Noble Gold

Noble Gold brings to their investors an extensive range of collectible and investment-grade coins, carefully graded and certified by Numismatic Guarantee Corporation or Professional Coin Grading Service. These coins come sealed in a protective container with a unique serial number, preserving their integrity and enhancing their collectibility:

  1. Indian St Gauden four-piece set from 1909, 1927, 1928 and 1932: Holding historical significance, these gold and silver coins are an excellent addition for any investor or collector.
  2. 1854 $20 Kellogg Coin: A coin rich in California Gold Rush history, it's beautiful and valuable.
  3. 1879 and 1881 Morgan Silver Dollars: Known for their beauty and significant historical value, these coins are valuable additions to any collection.

Additionally, in their vast collection, you will find coveted coins like American Gold Eagle Coins, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins, and Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins. There's also a vast array of silver, platinum, and palladium coins offering an exciting diversity of investment options. These coins are an excellent way to own a piece of history and diversify your financial portfolio.

1oz Highland Mint Silver Round

American Silver Eagle Coins

Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin

1854 Kellogg $20 Coin

Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin

Transparency in Fees and Costs

Noble Gold is committed to being transparent about their fees and costs. Their annual fee is $80, and the storage cost is $150 per year. These fees cover the cost of maintaining and insuring the storage facilities where clients' precious metals are securely stored.

Noble Gold Reviews

Noble Gold has received overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. Clients have praised Noble Gold for their customer service, transparency, and unique product offerings, resulting in high ratings on platforms like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), TrustLink, ConsumerAffairs, and The Consumer Alliance.

Testimonials from Satisfied Noble Gold Customers

Given Noble Gold's commitment to its customers' satisfaction, it's no surprise the company has amassed sparkling reviews and testimonials from their clients.

Here are a few:

  1. "I've wanted to buy gold for a while but held off for fear of being scammed. Noble Gold was the only company I trusted with this important investment. Their customer service and transparency are top-notch!" — Jessica F.
  2. "I had the option of getting precious metals from my current IRA custodian, but still chose Noble Gold. The glowing reviews weren't exaggerating – their service really is exceptional." — Robert M.
  3. "Even when there were difficulties in the rollover process, Noble Gold was there to answer all my questions and ease my stress. Fantastic corporation with wonderfully supportive staff." — Alan S.
  4. "Investors love Noble Gold's stellar customer service—I am definitely among them!" — Paul G.

Note these reviews are a few of the many that point towards the reliable, understanding, and easy-to-work-with nature of Noble Gold's team.

It's plain to see that Noble Gold is truly an illustrious Gold IRA Company! Reading their reviews on the Better Business Bureau, you can see how satisfied their customers are with their pricing and customer service. Their team is praised for being knowledgeable and answering their customers' questions as well as being professional. Many of Noble Gold's customers praised how quick and easy it was to roll over their 401k to Gold IRA. Customers have particularly commended Noble Gold for their exemplary customer service, transparency, and unique product offerings!

Trustworthiness and Reliability

Noble Gold's trustworthiness and reliability are evident through positive customer reviews and top ratings on various platforms. With an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, 5 out of 5 stars on TrustLink and ConsumerAffairs, and an AA rating on The Consumer Alliance, Noble Gold is a reliable choice for precious metals investments.

Addressing Common Concerns about Noble Gold Investments

Investment decisions often come with a myriad of questions and concerns. Here, we address common concerns about investing with Noble Gold:

  1. Is my investment safe with Noble Gold? Absolutely. Noble Gold prioritizes your investment's safety and offers numerous secure methods to store your Precious Metal IRAs, including a storage facility at the Texas National Depository.
  2. Can I rollover my current retirement account to a Noble Gold IRA? Yes, you can. A Noble Gold representative will guide you through the rollover process seamlessly.
  3. Can I physically hold my precious metals? Noble Gold's Home Delivery option allows you to receive and securely store your investments at a residential location.
  4. Are there any hidden fees? Noble Gold values transparency. They disclose all costs upfront, so there are no surprises later on.

Understanding these facts can help alleviate concerns and make your investment journey smoother and more confident with Noble Gold.


Final Thoughts on Noble Gold Investments

Noble Gold Investments has proven itself to be a reliable and accessible platform for anyone looking to invest in precious metals. The company's commitment to educating its clients and providing them with personalized investment approaches sets them apart in a flooded market.

If you're considering diversifying your portfolio with precious metals—and particularly if you're interested in launching a gold IRA—Noble Gold offers protection against relatively volatile paper-based assets. Exceptional customer service rounds out the package, providing a smooth and satisfying investing experience.

In conclusion, Noble Gold Investments offers a well-balanced blend of services that can serve both beginners and experienced investors. With their integrity, transparency, and commitment to customer satisfaction, they present an attractive option for anyone ready to delve into the world of precious metals. 

Who is Noble Gold Best Suited for?

Noble Gold Investments caters to a wide demographic, but it is particularly suited for:

  1. Novice investors: With their low minimum investment requirements and emphasis on education, it's the perfect gateway for individuals just beginning their investment journey in precious metals.
  2. Retirement planners seeking stability: If you're planning your retirement savings and want a solid, tangible asset to safeguard your future, Noble Gold's gold IRA can provide an appealing mix of security and potential growth.
  3. Investment diversifiers: For investors looking to diversify their portfolio beyond traditional asset classes, Noble Gold offers a variety of precious metals in various forms—coins, bullion bars and survival packs offering the much-needed portfolio diversification.
  4. Collectors: With an impressive range of numismatic and semi-numismatic coins, Noble Gold appeals to coin collectors and enthusiasts.

Regardless of your investment expertise or your financial objectives, if you're considering entering the world of precious metals, Noble Gold Investments presents a solid and transparent choice.

FAQ About Noble Gold Investments

Is Noble Gold Investments Legitimate?

Yes, Noble Gold Investments is indeed legitimate. It's an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating for their excellent service and client satisfaction. The company has more than 20 years of combined experience in gold investing. In addition, they have favorable client reviews and testimonies, further attesting to their reliability and legitimacy. Their authenticity is backed further by their transparent business practices and commitment to enlightening their customers about their financial choices.

What are the Costs Associated with Noble Gold Investments?

Noble Gold Investments is committed to delivering value to their clients and maintains a transparent fee structure.

  • The minimum investment begins as low as $20,000 for gold IRAs and $5,000 for cash purchases making it an accessible option for beginners.
  • For the precious metals IRA, the annual fee is $225.
  • Noble Gold IRA storage costs are $150 per year, which includes insurance to protect your investment.

Keep in mind that the actual costs may vary depending on the specific products you choose to invest in. It's recommended to speak with a Noble Gold representative to clarify any cost-related questions before committing to an investment.

How Does Noble Gold Handle Delivery and Storage Options?

Noble Gold Investments promises fast, secure, and efficient delivery for all your metals. While it's not generally recommended to store gold in your home due to security issues, Noble Gold will ship precious metals to your door. Packages arrive plain wrapped, fully insured, and require a signature upon receipt, providing an extra layer of security.

As for storage, they've partnered with International Depository Services (IDS), providing state-of-the-art, guarded precious metal storage. Multiple international metals trading exchanges approve IDS, and your gold or silver is insured by Lloyd's of London. Depositories are available in Texas, Delaware, and Ontario, Canada.

Noble Gold's robust delivery and storage processes ensure your precious metals are well-secured, whether they rest in professional vaults or your home.

Let Noble Gold Help You Fight BACK At Inflation Today!

In conclusion, Noble Gold Investments stands out as a leader in the precious metals investment industry. With its wide range of offerings, unique products, transparent fees, and positive customer testimonials, Noble Gold is a trustworthy choice for individuals looking to diversify their retirement portfolio with precious metals. Their commitment to customer education and service reinforces their reputation, making them a reliable partner for your precious metals investment journey. It's worth noting that investing in precious metals involves certain risks and is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, it's crucial to conduct thorough research and consult with a financial advisor before making an investment decision