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Welcome to Gold Retirement Solutions! We are your central hub for all things related to precious metals. We specialize in gold for retirement aka gold IRAS. We provide information on general retirement issues and queries as well. Our mascot is the mighty and immortal Phoenix. Much like the Phoenix, gold simply endures.

You melt down gold and you still end up with gold. You can then use that gold to make other gold products. It does not lose its value. Gold has endured the tests of time. Just like your retirement savings should.

We are affiliated with only the best gold IRA companies. We believe in these companies fully and trust them. We know they can help set you up with a gold IRA. Become like the Immortal Phoenix!

Our Gold IRA Company for the Month

We really love their up to $10,000 metals deal! Since Birch Gold is our Pick of the Month, we will use their affiliate links on more of our blog posts, homepage and email sign-ups. They are one of the longest running gold IRA companies. Been in business since 2003! Not to mention they have MANY celebrity endorsements! Donald Trump Jr and Ben Shapiro to name a few. We have an entire page dedicated to them so we recommend you check out Birch Gold!

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Where is Silver Found in The Universe?

Did you ever wonder how silver came to Earth and where it came from? Silver is a special kind of metal, shining and valuable. It has been admired for centuries. Its story goes beyond us, starting in the vastness of space. But how did it get from there into the lands we know?

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How is Silver Mined Today?

Did you know that geologists estimate the world's extractable silver resources will last only another twenty years given current demand? This eye-opening statistic underscores the importance of understanding how this precious metal is sourced and mined today. Silver, with its lustrous appearance and unique properties, has been highly valued throughout history.

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How Gold Bullion is Made

Ever thought about how a plain rock turns into the gold bars and coins people love? It's quite the journey, going from the earth to special vaults. The making of gold bullion mixes human smartness with what nature gives us.

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How To Invest in a Gold IRA with a Roth IRA

Did you know a 2021 Gallup poll showed gold is a top pick for portfolios? It's right up there with real estate and stocks. Gold is seen as a safe choice when the stock market is unsteady. Also, it adds variety to a portfolio.

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Does Gold Belong in a Retirement Portfolio?

Get ready for a big shock: gold prices have gone up a lot. They started at about $400 per ounce in the late 20th century. Now, they're up to a huge $2,326 per ounce as of June 2024. The real question is – should you have this precious metal in your retirement portfolio? As people try to figure this out, advisors and experts are talking. They're discussing if gold is a good asset class for the long run or if it's just a way to deal with ups and downs in the market.

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Why Ron Paul Endorses Birch Gold

Do you know how much money is out there today? When Dr. Ron Paul was born, it was $5.9 billion. Now, it's $20,568 billion. That's over 3,000 times more! This shows there's a big problem with our money. Dr. Ron Paul thinks we need to be careful with our money. That's why he's working with Birch Gold Group. He wants people to learn about gold investing. It can help keep our money safe from losing value. That's especially important with currency inflation.

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Why Ben Shapiro Endorses Birch Gold

Ben Shapiro is the youngest columnist to get a national platform at 17. Now, since 2016, he backs Birch Gold for Precious Metals IRAs. Working with The Daily Wire, Shapiro supports Birch Gold Group's mission.

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Understanding Straight Life Annuity- Benefits Drawbacks and Suitability

Planning for a secure and predictable income stream during retirement is a top priority for many. Straight life annuities are a viable option among the various financial tools available. This comprehensive guide will delve into straight life annuities, exploring their benefits, disadvantages, suitability, and alternatives. Moreover, we will provide detailed examples, discuss potential risks and fees, and offer insights into the tax implications of these annuities.

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Where is the Social Security office near me? We have the answer!

Are you a retiree savouring the golden years, dedicated professional planning for the future, or someone facing unforeseen challenges and needing a lifeline? Whether you fall into one of these categories or are simply curious about Social Security, understanding and utilizing the benefits provided by the Social Security Administration is crucial.

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Teacher Retirement System Without Social Security? Here is what you should Know

Educators have a unique mix of income sources for retirement. You'll likely have a defined-benefit pension plan alongwith a defined contribution retirement plan like a 403(b) or 457(b). But here's the twist: most teachers aren't eligible for Social Security retirement benefits. About 40% of teachers don't pay into the Social Security system, which means they can't claim these benefits when they retire.

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Social Security Disability 5 Year Rule: What You Need to Know

If you have already applied for Social Security Disability benefits or considering to apply for SSDI Benefits, understanding the rules and requirements is essential for a successful application. Many individuals who have successfully received SSDI benefits after turning 55 have found that understanding these key rules and regulations is essential for effectively navigating the SSD system and avoiding the waiting period. One important factor to be aware of is the Social Security Disability 5-Year Rule. This rule plays a significant role in determining whether you are eligible for benefits or not. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Social Security Disability 5 Year Rule and provide you with everything you need to know.

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New York Teachers Retirement System (NYCTRS) and Social Security Administration (SSA) :Understand the Connection

The connection between NYCTRS and SSA arises from the fact that many educators in New York City may be eligible for benefits from both systems. Teachers, like many other professionals, often pay into Social Security during their careers in addition to being members of NYCTRS. Therefore, understanding how these two retirement systems interact, how they affect each other's benefits, and how to optimize the overall retirement plan when eligible for both is crucial for individuals planning for retirement as educators in New York City.

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Our Top Picks for Best Places to Retire in Texas

If you're a retiree seeking an ideal destination to spend your golden years, Texas has emerged as a top choice. With its diverse landscape, vibrant cities, and low cost of living, the Lone Star State offers a range of options for retirees looking for their perfect retirement haven.

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These Are The BEST Places to Retire in Connecticut

Relocating during retirement can be a smart financial decision to stretch retirement savings. Connecticut is an attractive option for retirees due to its natural beauty, outdoor activities, healthcare system, rich history and cultural scene, and proximity to major metropolitan areas. Additionally, Connecticut offers tax advantages for retirees, with social security benefits not being taxed and a generous exemption for pensions. The presence of reputable companies such as The Hartford Financial Services Group, Cigna Group, and Webster Financial Corporation provides employment opportunities and supports the local economy. Connecticut holds a special place in my heart. I grew up in Connecticut and it truly is a beautiful place. 

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Retirement Planning for Couples: Tips for Success

When you and your partner first connected, you probably shared your hopes, dreams, and personal histories. But did you delve into the topic of retirement planning? For many couples, discussions about retirement may have been limited to visions of growing old together and living out their days in idyllic harmony. While this image is lovely, it falls short in terms of practicality.

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Secure Act 2.0 Summary: Everything You Need to Know

In December 2022, the SECURE Act 2.0 (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement) was signed into law, introducing around 90 new retirement plan provisions aimed at encouraging increased plan participation and savings. The Act is particularly beneficial for small businesses and offers opportunities for women, minorities, and those planning for retirement. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the SECURE Act 2.0, focusing on its implications for small businesses.

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What Is The Trinity? The Father, Son & Holy Spirit Explained

How can one thing be three different people but still be one? The idea of the Trinity challenges us. It makes us think deeply and wonder. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all God. Yet, they are also one God together. This mystery has been at the heart of Christian belief for centuries. 

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Unveiling the Symbolic Meaning of Gold and Silver in the Bible

Throughout the ages, gold and silver have been held in high regard by humankind. They have been used as a medium of exchange, a storage of value, and as decorative ornaments. But beyond their tangible uses, these precious metals hold significant symbolic and spiritual value, especially within the context of the Bible. This article explores the biblical significance of gold and silver objects, unveiling hidden meanings and interpretations embedded in various biblical references.

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