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Where is Silver Found in The Universe?

Did you ever wonder how silver came to Earth and where it came from? Silver is a special kind of metal, shining and valuable. It has been admired for centuries. Its story goes beyond us, starting in the vastness of space. But how did it get from there into the lands we know?

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How is Silver Mined Today?

Did you know that geologists estimate the world's extractable silver resources will last only another twenty years given current demand? This eye-opening statistic underscores the importance of understanding how this precious metal is sourced and mined today. Silver, with its lustrous appearance and unique properties, has been highly valued throughout history.

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How Gold Bullion is Made

Ever thought about how a plain rock turns into the gold bars and coins people love? It's quite the journey, going from the earth to special vaults. The making of gold bullion mixes human smartness with what nature gives us.

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How To Invest in a Gold IRA with a Roth IRA

Did you know a 2021 Gallup poll showed gold is a top pick for portfolios? It's right up there with real estate and stocks. Gold is seen as a safe choice when the stock market is unsteady. Also, it adds variety to a portfolio.

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Does Gold Belong in a Retirement Portfolio?

Get ready for a big shock: gold prices have gone up a lot. They started at about $400 per ounce in the late 20th century. Now, they're up to a huge $2,326 per ounce as of June 2024. The real question is – should you have this precious metal in your retirement portfolio? As people try to figure this out, advisors and experts are talking. They're discussing if gold is a good asset class for the long run or if it's just a way to deal with ups and downs in the market.

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Why Ron Paul Endorses Birch Gold

Do you know how much money is out there today? When Dr. Ron Paul was born, it was $5.9 billion. Now, it's $20,568 billion. That's over 3,000 times more! This shows there's a big problem with our money. Dr. Ron Paul thinks we need to be careful with our money. That's why he's working with Birch Gold Group. He wants people to learn about gold investing. It can help keep our money safe from losing value. That's especially important with currency inflation.

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Why Ben Shapiro Endorses Birch Gold

Ben Shapiro is the youngest columnist to get a national platform at 17. Now, since 2016, he backs Birch Gold for Precious Metals IRAs. Working with The Daily Wire, Shapiro supports Birch Gold Group's mission.

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