Why Ben Shapiro Endorses Birch Gold

Published on 23 May 2024 at 03:37
ben shapiro birch gold

Ben Shapiro is the youngest columnist to get a national platform at 17. Now, since 2016, he backs Birch Gold for Precious Metals IRAs. Working with The Daily Wire, Shapiro supports Birch Gold Group's mission.

Other well-known people, like Donald Trump Jr. and Candace Owens, also support Birch Gold. Candace Owens, with her 'Candace' show, is a strong voice for investing for the future.

Birch Gold helps folks add precious metals to their retirement plans. They team up with Shapiro to promote financial security. Their efforts teach about money and keep people ahead.

Key Takeaways

  • Ben Shapiro endorses Birch Gold for Precious Metals IRA.
  • Birch Gold Group's endorsements include figures like Donald Trump Jr., Steve Bannon, Ron Paul, and Candace Owens.
  • Shapiro's endorsement goes beyond advertising, emphasizing shared values and financial education.
  • Investing in precious metals IRAs offers financial security and wealth protection.
  • This partnership highlights the importance of diversifying retirement savings with precious metals.

The Partnership between Ben Shapiro and Birch Gold Group

In 2016, Ben Shapiro teamed up with Birch Gold Group. Their partnership has been great for both sides. Shapiro's support has built trust for Birch Gold. It's also brought more people to know about them and share their message.

Origins and Evolution

They came together with their shared conservative views. They both care about teaching people to keep their money safe. Over time, they did many ads together. This helped The Daily Wire fans see the value in gold investing.

Advertising and Endorsement Strategy

Shapiro talks about Birch Gold across lots of platforms. Their traffic and social media likes have gone up a lot. Many new customers have joined them too. This shows Shapiro's way of talking about Birch Gold is working well.

Shared Values and Goals

Shapiro and Birch Gold both believe in smart money choices. They work together to tell people how gold can protect their savings. Thanks to Shapiro, many more people are interested in what Birch Gold offers. This shows their teamwork is making a difference.

ben shapiro and Phillip Patrick

Why Ben Shapiro Supports Birch Gold for Precious Metals Investment

Ben Shapiro is well-known for his sharp political views. He believes in smart financial choices to keep retirement money safe. Since 2016, Shapiro has endorsed investing in precious metals through Birch Gold. He uses his wisdom to show investing in them is vital. His work with Birch Gold Group proves he wants to guide you through the often-confusing world of finance.

Shapiro's Background in Financial Commentary

Shapiro's many years as a conservative thinker lets him dig deep into money matters. He talks about the downsides of bad money plans and too much spending by the government. Shapiro says putting money in gold is smart, supporting his idea of careful spending. This makes him a trustworthy person for financial wisdom.

Trust and Credibility with His Audience

Ben Shapiro's audience trusts him a lot. They believe in what he says about Birch Gold Group and its advantages. Shapiro talks openly about why Birch Gold is a good retirement choice. People value his clear words, especially about Birch Gold's plans and benefits. The fact that Shapiro supports Birch Gold, despite losing some advertisers, shows how much he believes in it.

Other conservatives like Donald Trump Jr. and Ron Paul add weight to Birch Gold's reputation. Choosing Birch Gold means picking a trusted way to keep your money safe. With Shapiro's advice and support, Birch Gold becomes a great option for growing and protecting your wealth with precious metals.

Ben Shapiro Endorses Birch Gold: A Deep Dive into the Reasons

Ben Shapiro believes in Birch Gold Group because of the great benefits they bring. By putting money into gold and silver with Birch Gold, people get more financial safety. This is important when the economy can be unstable.

Precious Metals IRA Benefits

Ben Shapiro thinks highly of Birch Gold's gold IRA benefits. With Birch Gold, you can invest in real gold and silver. This is a solid choice for your retirement. It helps keep your money safe when the market is up and down.

Financial Security and Wealth Protection

Shapiro talks a lot about how important it is to keep your finances safe. Big banks like Goldman Sachs say gold prices might go up to $3,000. So, investing with Birch Gold is smart. Their precious metals keep your money safe, no matter what's happening with the economy.

Hedge Against Inflation

Shapiro backs Birch Gold because it's good for fighting inflation. As prices go up, the value of cash goes down. But gold and silver usually become more valuable. So, following gold investment advice and keeping precious metals in your savings is wise, especially during inflation. Birch Gold can help protect your savings.

Shapiro points out how Birch Gold wealth protection is key for securing your financial future. Adding precious metals to your retirement plan fights inflation. It makes your retirement savings strong and lasting.

ben shapiro and Phillip Patrick

Phillip Patrick’s Contribution to the Endorsement

In the world of precious metals, Phillip Patrick shines with Birch Gold Group. His skills and The Ben Shapiro Show visits have really helped Birch Gold's name. He brings a lot of know-how to the table.

Expertise in Precious Metals

From 2012, Phillip Patrick has been with Birch Gold. His deep knowledge and talks about precious metals have won lots of trust. He's given many reviews, explaining physical gold products against things like gold-backed ETFs.

Insights on Economic Trends

Patrick doesn't just give investment tips - he digs into the big picture. He gives deep analysis on economic trends to make smart financial choices. His views on how global issues might affect gold prices are a key part of Birch Gold's insights. People trust his talks on the market's inner workings.

Building Trust with the Audience

Patrick can take hard-to-understand money topics and make them easy to get. This has won over fans for Birch Gold. His chats about trends and inflation, along with support from Ben Shapiro and Birch Gold's backing of The Daily Wire, build solid trust. He shows the value of being informed in today's changing money world.


Ben Shapiro likes the Birch Gold Group a lot. This shows a strong plan to keep your money safe. They have worked with precious metals for almost 20 years. They help people make good choices for their money. Many customers say they are great. On Trustpilot, they got a 4.5 out of 5. And the Better Business Bureau gave them an A+. This shows they are very trusted.

Putting money in a Birch Gold IRA has many pluses. You can start with $10,000. And you can choose to invest in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. It protects your money from up and downs in the economy. If you put in $50,000 or more, you won't have to pay a fee for the first year. This makes it easier to start. Also, they have a set fee for keeping your investments safe. This makes it easy to know what to expect.

Ben Shapiro joining with Birch Gold is about learning and helping people make smart choices. Many central banks buy a lot of gold because it is stable. This proves how good it is to invest in precious metals. Ben and Birch Gold are focused on keeping your money safe and growing. They give you the tools and tips you need for a strong financial future.


What is the nature of the partnership between Ben Shapiro and Birch Gold Group?

Ben Shapiro started working with Birch Gold Group in 2016. They share a focus on financial education and the value of precious metals in protecting savings.

Why does Ben Shapiro endorse Birch Gold Group?

He endorses them for the solid financial foundation gold and silver provide. With his experience in finance, he brings credibility to his recommendations.

What are the benefits of investing in a precious metals IRA with Birch Gold?

It helps with financial security by offsetting inflation. It also gives a reliable asset in uncertain times. This resonates with Shapiro's goal of safeguarding his viewers' finances.

Who is Phillip Patrick and what is his role in the Birch Gold endorsement?

Patrick is an expert at Birch Gold, often sharing insights on economic changes. He appears on The Ben Shapiro Show. His expert talks help establish trust with viewers.

How does Ben Shapiro communicate his endorsement of Birch Gold Group?

He uses his shows to discuss the benefits of Birch Gold's services. This includes ad reads and personal highlights. Shapiro suggests using precious metals for a stable retirement.

What shared values and goals do Ben Shapiro and Birch Gold Group have?

They both value conservative ideas and financial education. Their common goal is to educate people about the benefits of investing in precious metals.

What makes Birch Gold Group a trusted resource for precious metals investment?

The group is known for reliable advice thanks to experts like Patrick. Their commitment to clients' financial safety has earned them trust.

What type of financial advice does Ben Shapiro provide regarding precious metals investments?

Shapiro recommends viewers add gold and silver to their retirement plan. He points out how these metals can protect against inflation and market changes.

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Author Bio: Adam Taylor

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