Why Two Social Security Checks for SSI Recipients in September 2023

Published on 5 September 2023 at 04:40

September holds a special significance for Social Security recipients in the United States, For one, at the end of this month, US Inflation data collection will be concluded and , which is instrumental in determining the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for the upcoming year. The latest estimates of 2024 COLA can be found here. Secondly, and of particular interest to certain Social Security beneficiaries, September brings the issuance of not one but two checks.

The beneficiaries in question are those who qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. According to the Social Security Administration's announcement, the first SSI check for September will be disbursed on Friday, Sept. 1. Just four weeks later, on Friday, Sept. 29, the second check will follow suit.

This double-payment phenomenon occurs due to an interesting quirk in the payment schedule. SSI recipients receive two payments in the months of March, June, September, and December. In contrast, there are no payments made in the months of January, April, July, and October. Essentially, the additional payment received in September can be viewed as an advance for the upcoming month.

It's important to note that SSI benefits are designed to provide support to low-income individuals who possess limited resources and meet specific eligibility criteria. These criteria include being blind or reaching the age of 65 or older, or having a qualifying disability. A qualifying disability, in this context, is one that impedes an individual from engaging in gainful employment and is anticipated to last for at least one year or result in the individual's demise.

The issuance of SSI checks serves as a valuable lifeline for eligible beneficiaries, helping to alleviate financial burdens and ensure continued access to essential resources. As September has arrived,  recipients can look forward to this additional support as they navigate their financial needs.

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