Why Christians Should Stand with Israel: A Biblical Perspective

Published on 6 November 2023 at 16:08


In today's turbulent world, it is crucial for Christians to stand with Israel. The conflict between Israel and Palestine is not merely a political or territorial dispute; it is rooted in a deep-seated hatred towards the Jewish people. As believers, it is our responsibility to understand the historical and biblical significance of Israel and support them in their struggle for peace and security.

The Rise of Antisemitism

Antisemitism is on the rise globally, even within our own universities and communities. It is deeply troubling to witness the recent attacks on innocent Jewish people in their homeland. We must not turn a blind eye to the violence and hatred directed towards the Jewish community. Instead, we should rally together to combat this alarming trend.

Israel, Not an Apartheid State

One common accusation against Israel is that it is an apartheid state, akin to the discriminatory regime that once plagued South Africa. However, this comparison is misleading and inaccurate. In Israel, Arab citizens have the same rights as Jewish citizens, with Arab individuals even serving in the Knesset, Israel's legislative body. The diversity and inclusivity within Israel contradict the notion of apartheid.

Contrary to the false narrative, Israel desires peace and has demonstrated its commitment to this ideal. Even when gaining ground in battle, Israel has willingly returned land in pursuit of peaceful coexistence. For instance, they handed over Gaza to the Palestinians, who elected the terrorist organization Hamas as their representative. Israel's actions highlight their unwavering desire for peace, even amidst immense adversity.

Enemies Against Israel: Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran

Israel faces numerous enemies, including Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran. These organizations do not seek a two-state solution; instead, they advocate for the complete annihilation of Israel. Their objective mirrors the genocidal language employed by the Nazis. When confronted with leaders who openly express their desire to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, negotiation becomes an impossible task.

The Biblical Connection: God's Promised Land

To understand the significance of Israel, we must turn to the Bible. The land that Israel occupies was not stolen; it was given to them by God Himself. In the book of Joshua, we find numerous references to the Jewish people inheriting the land as a divine promise. The word "inheritance" appears 50 times in the early chapters of Joshua, emphasizing that the Jewish people did not acquire the land through conquest or transaction but through divine providence.

This historical and biblical connection to the land highlights the legitimacy of Israel's claim to their homeland. God chose the Jewish people as His own, and we, as Christians, are indebted to them for their contributions to our faith. The Bible, our sacred text, and our Messiah, Jesus Christ, both originate from the Jewish people. We must honor and support them as a nation and a people.

The Historical Hatred towards Jews

The hatred towards Jews is not a recent phenomenon but dates back centuries. Throughout history, numerous attempts have been made to annihilate the Jewish people. From Pharaoh's order to kill Jewish infants in ancient Egypt to Haman's wicked plot in Persia (modern-day Iran) to Adolf Hitler's Holocaust, the Jewish people have faced unimaginable atrocities. However, God has consistently intervened to protect His chosen people, raising up individuals like Moses and Queen Esther to deliver and save them.

The Dangers of Replacement Theology

Within the Church, there is a dangerous teaching known as Replacement Theology, which suggests that God has abandoned Israel and that Christians have replaced them as God's chosen people. This perspective undermines the biblical truth that the Jewish people are eternally God's chosen ones. As Christians, we have been grafted into the promises given to the Jewish people, and we owe them a debt of gratitude.

Our Responsibility as Christians

As Christians, we cannot remain silent in the face of injustice and persecution. We must take a stand and support our Jewish friends and the nation of Israel. They are God's chosen people, and their struggle for peace and security aligns with the values of justice and righteousness that we hold dear. We have a biblical mandate to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and to be ambassadors of reconciliation and love in a world filled with hatred.


The conflict between Israel and Palestine is not simply a political issue; it is a battle against the deep-seated hatred towards the Jewish people. As Christians, we must stand with Israel, recognizing their historical and biblical significance. We have a responsibility to support them, both in prayer and action, as they strive for peace and security. Let us unite in our commitment to justice, love, and the pursuit of peace in the Holy Land.

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