Mark Levin & Ben Shapiro Expose Media Bias in Israel-Hamas Conflict

Published on 18 October 2023 at 01:23

In the midst of the Israel-Hamas conflict, conservative commentators Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro have raised concerns about the biased coverage of the American media. During a recent discussion on Levin's show, "Life, Liberty, Levin," the duo criticized the media's portrayal of the conflict and its seemingly sympathetic stance towards Hamas. This article delves into their insights, shedding light on the media's alleged bias and its implications for the public's understanding of the situation.

The Insanity of Aid to Gaza and Unfreezing Funds for Iran

Levin and Shapiro began their discussion by highlighting the questionable decisions made by the Biden administration in relation to the conflict. They expressed astonishment at the provision of aid to the Gaza Strip, which Hamas ultimately benefited from, and the unfreezing of $6 billion for Iran, a known supporter of Hamas. Both commentators deemed these actions as detrimental to the security and well-being of Israel.

Media Bias and the Nazi Comparison

Levin initiated a scathing critique by drawing a parallel between the American media's alleged support for Hamas and the Nazis' Holocaust cover-up. He questioned whether the media's portrayal of the conflict and its alleged bias against Israel demonstrated a similar level of complicity. Levin suggested that the media had "Jewish and other blood on its hands" and had failed to correct its course over the years.

Parity Between Israel and Its Enemies

Shapiro concurred with Levin's assessment, describing the media's moral equivalence between Israel and its enemies as "absolutely despicable." He asserted that the media had long portrayed Hamas and other terrorist groups as reasonable actors engaged in a territorial dispute, while ignoring their explicit calls for the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews. Shapiro argued that the media's refusal to acknowledge these realities demonstrated a profound arrogance on the part of Western liberals.

The Media's Willful Ignorance

Shapiro further criticized the media's willful ignorance of Hamas' stated goals and actions. He highlighted the fact that Hamas openly declared its desire to kill Jews and sought the entirety of Jerusalem, not just a portion. Despite this, the media chose to turn a blind eye and downplayed the significance of Hamas' intentions. Shapiro attributed this to the media's belief that everyone thinks like they do, leading to a skewed representation of the conflict.

The Media's Bias Against Israel

Both commentators contended that the media had predetermined that Israel, as a Western country, must be in the wrong. They argued that this preconceived notion influenced the media's coverage and led them to portray Israel's actions as a consequence of an "oppressive occupation," even though Israel had withdrawn from the Gaza Strip in 2005. Shapiro emphasized that the media's narrative disregarded the fact that the victims of Hamas' attacks were living in unoccupied areas of Israel.

The Media's Disregard for Facts

Shapiro pointed out the media's disregard for factual information that contradicted their narrative. He lamented that even when Hamas committed atrocities, such as raping and killing young women and slaughtering children and infants, the media downplayed or ignored these acts. Shapiro argued that the media's selective reporting undermined the public's understanding of the conflict and perpetuated a false narrative.

The Need for Objective Reporting

Levin and Shapiro concluded their discussion by emphasizing the importance of objective reporting in the media. They called for a more balanced approach that would accurately represent the realities of the Israel-Hamas conflict. Both commentators stressed the need for the media to confront its biases and provide the public with accurate information to foster a better understanding of the situation.


Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro's critique of the American media's coverage of the Israel-Hamas conflict shed light on the alleged biases and shortcomings in reporting. They argued that the media's moral equivalence between Israel and its enemies, along with its disregard for factual information, has perpetuated a distorted narrative. Levin and Shapiro called for a more objective approach to reporting, one that presents a balanced portrayal of the conflict and allows the public to make informed judgments. As the conflict continues, it remains essential for the media to reassess its role and strive for greater accuracy and transparency in its coverage.

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